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Listed below are some web links that you might like to visit.

Ozark School District . . .
  Website address:  http://www.ozarkhillbillies.org

Ozark School District Food Service
  Website address:  http://food.ozarkhillbillies.org/

Ozark School District GT Program
  Website address: Gifted and Talented Program

Interactive library that parents and students can use at home . . .
  Website address:  http://www.MyCapstoneLibrary.com
  Login ID:               ozark
  Password:             school

Website where you can pay your child's breakfast and/or lunch charges online . . .
  Website address:  http://www.ezschoolpay.com

KDYN 96.7 FM Radio
  Website address:  http://www.kdyn.com

Arkansas Department of Education
  Website address:  http://www.arkansased.org

Parental Involvement Plan . . . 
  Website address:  http://www.centerii.org
  Login ID:         ARS1857
  Password:       AR6457

Kindergarten ACSIP Plan . . .